Durable and ready for everything life has to throw at it.

A classic, traditional and somewhat timeless floor covering option. Tile flooring, like hardwood flooring is the time-tested option that vinyl and laminate strive to mimic with their selections. Countless options like colors, sizes, and patterns can add great style to your home.

Use cases

Although various types of tile can be utilized in about any room of the home, it really comes down to personal preference as to application areas. Since our region can get much colder, tile flooring is tough to live on all year round. It is perceived as cold and loud, so more often than not, tile flooring is saved for bathrooms, entry ways, kitchens and utility rooms. One thing that porcelain can do that ceramic tile cannot is that porcelain can be used outside. Since it is nonporous, water cannot absorb into the tile. Whereas if you would use ceramic outside, it could absorb water and if the temperature were to drop, the tile would crack.

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Difficulty of Installation - 5/5

There are a lot of things to consider while installing tile. A professional is able to manage these difficult tasks to make the installation look its best.

Care and maintenance

With tile flooring, it is such a durable product, it is said that you could power wash your flooring to clean it up. All jokes aside, tile is very easy to care for. One hesitation is that there will be issues with grout stains and colors. With new synthetic types of grout, there is less concern about the staining or cleaning of grout.