The “gold standard” of the flooring world that everything else is trying to replicate.

Hardwood flooring is natural. Most other products are trying to replicate the look of a hardwood surface, but it is the gold standard when it comes to flooring. While it is not soft and cozy like a carpet, hardwood has a way of making a room feel warm and inviting.

Use cases

The beauty of hardwood surfaces makes it a very attractive option for most of your home. Since it is susceptible to water damage, there are areas that you may want to steer clear of which would be your bathrooms and your entry ways where you could run into issues over the years.

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Difficulty of Installation - 3.5/5

Installation can be done by a homeowner, but it does require some specialty tools and the use of power tools.

Care and maintenance

While elegant, there are downfalls to the use of hardwood. It is not waterproof, so…if you would not put it on your coffee table without a coaster, it would not be a good idea to put on your floor. That means that hardwood will not fair well around entry ways, especially in our climate. It is recommended that you develop a cleaning schedule where you are frequently getting dirt and dust off the flooring regularly to prevent scratches and dulling of the surface. You should also look at doing a more extensive cleaning regularly with a pH-neutral cleaning solution and a microfiber pad. Too much liquid can damage the floors so make sure to use sparingly. Over time the original shine of the flooring will wear down. At that point you always have the option of refinishing the flooring with a new protective topcoat or sanding and refinishing the flooring. That is an arduous task, but it does bring back the beauty of the natural wood surface.