New, modern, durable and fashionable.

If you are looking for products that are easy to take care of and will stand up to the toughest tasks in your home while showing little signs of wear, a luxury vinyl product could be your solution. From the top down, an LVT product is almost impervious to any deep staining. Everyday normal life is practically inconsequential to the longevity of the product, all while still being comfortable to live on. An LVT product can get you a wood style look while not carrying the wood prices.

Use cases

Vinyl tile flooring can be used in every area of the home. The only factor that comes into play is personal preference and the design style of your home. The product can hold up in areas that carpet for instance would not work well, like a kitchen or bathroom. If you are looking for that wood type look and feel, a vinyl tile could be your best option.

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Difficulty of Installation - 2/5

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a product that can be installed by most residential consumers. Since not a lot of specialized tools are necessary, you can potentially tackle this project yourself.

Care and maintenance

Similar to laminate, a soft bristle boom and a wet mop are the best thing to use for the cleaning of a luxury vinyl flooring product. It is not recommended to use “Swiffer” type pads on the floor as they are viewed as too abrasive of a product on the flooring surface. Any detergent that you would want to use on an LVT product should be pH neutral in nature, so it does not damage the product. The most important thing to keep in mind with LVT is to stay away from using steam mops to clean the flooring. This can cause the seams to get wavy and start to bow.