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Bathroom & Kitchen Countertops that make a huge difference

The right kitchen and bathroom countertops in Lima, OH can bring beauty, performance, and an incredible lifespan. You'll find different materials for various tasks and functions for outstanding results. They will serve you well for years, especially with trending materials for your perfect décor match.

As you move towards your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, be sure to consider options that match your needs. The more you know about your available options of countertops in Lima, OH, the better choices you can make. So, here are some things you should know about your counter options.

The natural appeal of granite countertops

Granite countertops are an all-natural material that's durable, long-lasting, and offers beautiful color schemes for your décor. You'll also find that no two look the same, with various patterns, colors, and veining. As a result, these counters are a perfect option for many design schemes, including rustic and modern.

Granite is a durable option for even the busiest spaces, with lifespans reaching 100 years. And because of that, they'll add tremendous value to your home, even if only in a single room. So, enjoy the wealth of durable benefits in complete confidence.

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The impressive durability of quartz countertops

When you choose quartz countertops, you choose stunning precision from this manufactured material. The surface is perfectly flat, with very few imperfections. As a result, you'll see a wide range of visuals, including colors and patterns.

The materials are durable, but they're easier to repair if they become damaged. You’ll also find they can mimic any other material through extensive visuals. But you’ll also enjoy an antimicrobial surface that’s easy to clean and maintain through the years.

Countertop installation options and more

When it’s time to install the materials you choose, we’ll discuss all your installation options and preferences. For your countertops, you'll know what to expect through the entire process, no matter how large or small you remodel. If you have questions about our countertops or installations, this is the perfect time to ask them.
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Simplified Flooring is a great place to find the materials that will serve you for years. We offer quality materials with trustworthy service and so much more. Your complete flooring satisfaction is our goal, and it shows in everything we do for you.

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