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At Simplified Flooring, the premier carpet store in Lima, OH, we offer a variety of carpets to fit both design and function in your home. We work with you to find the right product for the right space. Depending on the demand of the home, we can set you up with a carpet that will stand up to high traffic, kids, pets and everything that life has to throw at it.

From nylon yarns to modern products like Smart Strand by Mohawk, we can evaluate what will work best in your home and meet your budget with beautiful modern styles to make your house feel like a home. Another thing to think about with carpet is a good quality carpet pad. With a moisture barrier pad, there is a better chance of cleaning the entire stain from the start since the mess will be sitting on top of the pad. Discover why you should choose carpet floors in Lima, OH for your home.

Carpeting use cases

Carpet can be used in most rooms of your home, but in most cases, we see our customers selecting carpet for their family/living rooms and bedrooms. Carpet can make a room feel inviting and comfortable.

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Living room/family room carpets

When it comes to selecting carpeting for living rooms, the emphasis is often on creating a welcoming and stylish space that accommodates both relaxation and social gatherings. Plush cut pile carpets, with their luxurious feel underfoot, are an excellent choice for living rooms. These carpets not only provide comfort but also add a touch of sophistication, making them ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere.

Additionally, considering the potential for higher foot traffic in living rooms, opting for stain-resistant materials and darker colors can help maintain the carpet's appearance over time. Whether you prefer a classic neutral shade for timeless elegance or a bold pattern for a contemporary flair, the right carpet can serve as the foundation for a well-designed and cozy living space.

Bedroom carpeting

In bedrooms, the role of carpeting extends beyond mere aesthetics to prioritize comfort and warmth. Softness underfoot is key in creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere conducive to restful sleep. Cut pile carpets, such as plush or textured styles, are particularly well-suited for bedrooms, offering a gentle surface for bare feet. Neutral tones or calming hues can enhance the tranquil ambiance of a bedroom, while thicker pile carpets add an extra layer of comfort. Loop pile carpets, known for their durability, are also a practical choice for bedrooms, ensuring the longevity of the carpet in this intimate and personal space.

Ultimately, the right carpeting in a bedroom transforms it into a comforting retreat, enhancing the overall ambiance of restfulness and relaxation.
Luxury carpet in Lima, OH from Simplified Flooring

Carpet care and maintenance

With carpet, there is more to consider when it comes to upkeep. It is more about preventing the stain from happening than cleaning up after a spill. It is recommended that you should vacuum your carpet once a week for each person living in the home. This may seem extreme, but due to warranty information from the manufacturers, this helps the product from prematurely wearing out. If dirt and dust is left to settle into the fibers of the carpet it becomes like sandpaper to the yarn of the carpet and degrades it over time. Manufacturers also recommend that the carpet be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to help get the things your everyday homeowner vacuum cannot get.

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