Modern, versatile and easy to maintain.

Laminate flooring products are the substitute for real wood. It strives to provide you with the look and feel of a hardwood option but with more simple installation process, increased durability, and is more cost effective. Laminate, while still being a relatively new product, has been around for nearly 25 years. It has developed its look and feel at trying to be as close to hardwood as possible.

Use cases

Laminate is very durable, and the maintenance is very easy. This makes the product appealing to use in areas all around the home. There are still rooms to potentially shy away from like bathrooms where water penetration may develop problems over time.

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Difficulty of Installation - 3/5

Slightly more difficult than a vinyl tile product because of the tools needed to install. Laminate flooring is a middle of the road product for installation.

Care and maintenance

Soft bristle booms and a wet mop are the best thing to use for the cleaning of a laminate flooring product. It is not recommended to use “Swiffer” type pads on the floor as they are viewed as too abrasive of a product on the flooring surface. Any detergent that you would want to use on an laminate product should be pH neutral in nature, so it does not damage the product. The most important thing to keep in mind with laminate flooring is to stay away from using steam mops to clean the flooring. This can cause the seams to get wavy and start to bow.